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Train Watch 2015
Counting the actual numbers of coal and oil trains round the clock for a week.

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Evacuation Drill

March 19, 2015 FEMA New Jersey Exercise

Friendly Natives Watching Wagon Train

If you would like to use this system for your own Train Watch, please contact me.

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Train Watch April 19-25, 2015
2014 Count Results
2015 Count Results
Evacuation Drill, April 25, 2015

Crude Oil Trains at Delta Yard, Everett

Crude Oil HAZMAT Sign

Mile Long Train

Along West Marine View Drive
Over the past two years an increasing number of crude oil trains have been passing through Snohomish County. They carry crude oil from the Bakken Range in North Dakota to refineries at Anacortes, WA and Cherry Point WA.

The oil carried in these trains is highly flammable. Several train wrecks described here, here, here and here have resulted in large numbers of deaths and have required evacuations of people from areas within miles of the accident. If an accident occurred in Snohomish County tens of thousands of people could be affected.

The regulation of interstate rail transportation is entirely the responsibility of the United States federal Government, per the Constitution. Local governments, however, have the responsibility to ensure the safety of citizens in the event of an accident. To assist local government in understanding the magnitude of the problem, the Snohomish County Train Watch and the Sierra Club of Snohomish County will be conducting annual Train Watches to count the number and type of fossil fuel trains that pass through Snohomish County.

This is easy work. Anyone could do it. Shifts are 4 hours long. You can sit in your car and be warm. You can enter your observations on your smart phone, or record them on a data sheet for later entry on your computer. In both of these cases your data goes directly into our database. Or you can simply mail the sheet to us. You can download a simple one-page 'training sheet' to guide you. Most of you will already know all about the trains. Completed paper forms can be mailed to Dean Smith, 3007 Federal Avenue, Everett, WA, 98201 or scanned and emailed to Lowell site will determine if any loaded trains are coming over Stevens Pass. Since there are only two routes through Snohomish County, we can also observe in Edmonds and Marysville.

HAZMAT code for Bakken Crude

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